The Third National Convening of Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows has ended

Glen Casey

Glen E. Casey is a current student at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Urban Studies and Minoring in Urban Education with a concentration in Policy, Research, and Practice.  Growing up in inner city Philadelphia as an African American male, Mr. Casey came to understand the relationship between the urban environment, education system, and long term life outcomes through working with other high school students in the areas of college access, college preparation, and curriculum building.  These experiences inform how Mr. Casey is building curriculum for a College 101 seminar course he is co-teaching to low-income minority students transitioning from high school to college throught the Leaders of Change program through the Netter Center for Community Partnerships.  He has also co-taught a high school English course, working with students on goal setting and mapping out their future career and educational endeavors.  Mr. Casey aspires to continue to impact high school students by pursuing a teaching career and then transitioning into education policy, research, and practice.