The Third National Convening of Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows has ended

Donovan McCubbins

Louisville, Kentucky

Donovan McCubbins is a member of the 6th Woodrow Wilson Cohort at IUPUI and a member of the American Chemical Society. He graduated in 2013 from Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry and began to teach first year chemistry labs at Bellarmine for a semester. During his senior year and the following year, he served as the first Academic Advisor at Louisville Youth Group, an organization devoted to creating a safe environment for non-heterosexual and non-cisgender students and their allies. He also served an active role in his entire stay at Bellarmine University in the school’s GSA, BUKnighted, and Bellarmine University’s productions of The Vagina Monologues. He has recently begun his work towards obtaining Master’s degrees in Education and in Special Needs Education.