The Third National Convening of Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows has ended

Didi Goldenhar

Didi Goldenhar  (egoldenhar@gmail.com) is a consultant specializing in systems change and leadership development. She has partnered on educational initiatives with the New York City Leadership Academy, Harlem Educational Activities Fund, Year Up, and the Public Education Network. Her presentations and facilitated sessions have been hosted by the Open Society Institute, Lucent Technology/Child Care Action Campaign, and the United Way of Tucson, among others. Publications on progressive social change include Networking a City in the Stanford Social Innovation Review; she also is co-author of Leveling the Playing Field, a guidebook for achieving gender equity in the nonprofit sector. Didi has held teaching positions at SUNY/Stony Brook and the City College of New York. She serves on the boards of Groundswell Community Mural Project and Grand Central Neighborhood Social Services Corporation.